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Weibo – the Social Media You Need to Know

Do you Weibo? I do.

Last year I attended a meeting where communicators came together to discuss social media. Many companies did not blog or “Weibo (micro-blog)” fearing it would invite negative comments.

I was among those few who saw it differently. First, the risk comes from unqualified products, malfunctions, accidents or bad services, not from establishing a social media platform.

It’s a matter of attitude. You can choose to be silent to avoid potential negative response, or you can take initiative to speak your own voice to build a professional and positive image that would help deflate negative comments if they did arrive. I also know the future of communications will be more digitalized and more social. Now more than ever establishing a social media platform is important for companies, both as a way of doing business and for…

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Perception Can Be the Elegant Missing Key

I have for a while now successfully replaced TV watching with watching TED videos. It makes me feel virtuous, although I do spend equal amounts of time on the couch — and by extension — not exercising.

Recently, one particular stream of thought spread across a few videos resonated with me strongly. It is this notion that often times what you should be solving for is the perceived problem and not necessarily the “described” problem. Let me give you a few examples (courtesy of TED and my own experiences).

Example: Six million pounds were spent on Eurostar to reduce the transit time between London and Paris by 40 minutes. For 0.01% of the money they could have instead put Wi-Fi on the train making…

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