Celanese CHAMP program – the job that was looking for me

While completing my Masters in economics at Heilbronn University, I knew what kind of a company and position I was looking for: An international corporation which would offer me a challenging and exciting position. A program which would allow me to gain experience across different functions and give me the opportunity to really make a difference even at the very beginning of my career. But where could I find such a job..? Then I saw a job posting from Celanese,  something called the “CHAMP Program”…

It’s now been over a year since I joined the Celanese High Associate Management Program (CHAMP) in Germany. The program consists of four assignments in 2.5 years across multiple businesses and functions. During my first assignment I managed an innovation project within the marketing department at Nutrinova, the food ingredients business of Celanese. At the end of the project, I, along with two other CHAMPS employees, presented to the European management team. Coincidentally, Mark Rohr, our new CEO, was visiting the site that day and attended the presentations. It was a great experience to have the chance to speak in front of the CEO and regional leaders of Celanese!

Currently I am on my second assignment with the Emulsions Polymers business, evaluating future growth opportunities to ensure our innovations bring maximum value to both Celanese and our customers. While coming from a commercial background, it is key for me in this project to understand the ropes of chemistry and manufacturing – the very heart of our company.

Over the next 14 months, I will complete two more rotational assignments, one of them abroad. I don’t yet know where I will be working or on which project or business I will work. But what I do know is that there will be new challenges, exciting projects and great people to work with, no matter where I go in Celanese.

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Susanne is participating in the Celanese High Associate Management Program. She has a strong interest in intercultural topics and enjoys working in international teams. When not working, she spends her free time working out, cooking for friends and traveling.

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