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No matter our role at Celanese, we are among those in our communities who have resources – whether it is money, time or talent – to give back to the many who are less fortunate. It makes me very proud when I read the many stories from around the world where employees generously donate to their communities in various ways. It might be cleaning up the  environmental,  volunteering at the local food bank or community kitchen, helping out in a classroom in Dallas or Tarragona, or building a home, as was recently featured on our company’s Facebook page.    There’s a long list of recorded examples of Celanese employees giving back, and I know that is supplemented by many more of you who give back in ways we’ll never hear about.

Though I struggle to hammer nails in straight and can’t tell you when to use a mitre saw or a circular saw, I have been welcomed into a group of Celanese employees and vendor partners to build homes for deserving families seeking a more stable and safe home for themselves and their children. Under the guidance of Habitat for Humanity, Celanese provides financial support and – more importantly – volunteer hours to help those less fortunate build homes in which they will not only live, but will also be fully responsible over the years to maintain and pay the mortgage. It is truly a “hand up” to help those in need build a life for which they and the rest of the community can be proud.  

I get great satisfaction from my involvement in Habitat for Humanity and the many other community volunteer efforts in the company. I realize I haven’t done nearly as much as many of the great leaders and volunteers from Celanese and appreciate their ongoing contributions and dedication.   Many have stepped into leadership roles to solicit support, sign up workers, and to be there week after week to make sure the novices like me learn enough to contribute in a meaningful way. If you are one of individuals, please accept my thanks for this very important role.

I encourage those of you concerned about adding a commitment to your schedule to reconsider. Volunteer opportunities can be a one-time event taking a couple of our hours or can be ongoing. It is possible to find an option that fits your schedule.  No matter how many hours you’re are able to contribute, it is all paid back a hundred fold when you see the tears of joy and gratitude of those we are helping. To all of you in the Celanese family who have already  given back, you know what I mean when I say we get back much more than we can ever give.

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Mike Jackson is vice president of Information Technology and chief information officer of Celanese Corp. When he’s not working, Mike enjoys golf, reading history and spectator sports of all kinds.

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  1. Margie Dolch says:

    Mike, thank you for your leadership and commitment to volunteering with Habitat!

    You bring up a lot of great things that we can all relate to.
    1. You did not allow your lack of experience to discourage you from participating.
    2. You agreed to give of your time outside of the workplace because you were welcomed by your colleagues to join their deserving cause.
    3. You experienced first-hand the impact your work made in the local community.

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