Behind the Scenes with Tony N

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Tony Nachampasack is Celanese”s video communications specialist. He enjoys listening to music and eating donuts.

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  1. Helen Yu says:

    I like this video! Not only because Tony did a great job on telling us what video communication is all about, but also because I could see Celanese employees in different sites, events, functions, regions…I got a feeling by just watching the video that we are truly a big global company, but on the other hand I feel we are a small cozy community that everybody can connect to each other in some way. Good job, Tony!

  2. Mark Oberle says:

    Great job – this really highlights the ”new thoughts” that are going into the communications process to help share the CE story with a broad group – internal and external.

  3. Margie Dolch says:

    Well done! Video is an effective and positive addition to the way we globally communicate. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Dana Smith says:

    Really enjoyed watching this video! I am happy that Celanese is using video more and more now to communicate with employees. It helps paint a clear picture and adds a personal touch. Keep them coming!

  5. Petra Czugler says:

    Great piece of work Tony, very nicely done! It”s awesome that we use more and more videos to communicate internally as well as externally. I can”t wait for the next surprise coming from your desk 🙂

  6. Liana Scott says:

    I really enjoyed the video and seeing our colleagues globally in various activities. It shows our diversity and community.,,with a personal relaxed approach. Glad to know I don”t need fancy equipment to shoot video!

  7. Maria Ciliberti says:

    Nice video! Shows that there is a lot of thought to the process of making a video. And the use of videos is great, especially when someone was not in person for an event and yet feels like they are a part of it after watching a video! Super work, Tony!

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