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Site Video Series: A Visit To Budapest

Hello and greetings from Budapest! We are happy to introduce Celanese Hungary as the next feature in the video series introducing our administrative offices around the world.

We are glad to show you our beautiful city and the Budapest Business Services Center. You are more than welcome to leave your comments – enjoy the video!

Diana and Robert

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Site Video Series: Introducing the Sulzbach office building

Hallo, as we say in Germany, Matts cool blog inspired us to show you around in our Sulzbach office building. I had a really good time during my internship at Celanese. It was great to meet so many nice people. I wish you all the very best and hope you enjoy my video,

Valerie Dingeldey

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Site Video Series: An Intern and His Journey To His Next Meeting


As an intern, I have had a unique chance to see a new organization and a different way of doing things. It has also provided me with the chance to meet lots of interesting people. The culture here is very different than what I experienced in the commercial banking world prior to grad school and I have enjoyed the change (jeans, break rooms etc.). One common theme that I’ve found in meeting with several people from the company, when I’ve asked them about what excites them the most about working here, is how they enjoy the people and culture. Hearing that has been a real positive in my discussions as has been the chance to experience the culture here and work alongside a group of people driven to succeed.


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My Top 6 countdown of reasons why I enjoy working at Celanese

Five years ago I graduated from the university was determined to start a career in a fast-moving international enterprise with plenty of possibilities for personal development. This was exactly what I found at Celanese. And in my blog, I want to share the Top 6 reasons why I enjoy working for this global chemical company.

  1. The international environment
    Our headquarters is in Texas; however 73 percent of our sales are generated outside the US. I worked for Celanese in China and I enjoy being in regular contact with colleagues from Europe, Asia and US.
  1. Different businesses and customer industries
    Our portfolio comprises commodity and specialty chemicals. In the future, I could have the opportunity of working for a specialty business like
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