Site Video Series: An Intern and His Journey To His Next Meeting

As an intern, I have had a unique chance to see a new organization and a different way of doing things. It has also provided me with the chance to meet lots of interesting people. The culture here is very different than what I experienced in the commercial banking world prior to grad school and I have enjoyed the change (jeans, break rooms etc.). One common theme that I’ve found in meeting with several people from the company, when I’ve asked them about what excites them the most about working here, is how they enjoy the people and culture. Hearing that has been a real positive in my discussions as has been the chance to experience the culture here and work alongside a group of people driven to succeed.


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Matt Frandsen was an intern in Investor Relations and part of the CELP program. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports, such as golf and ultimate frisbee.

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