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We prefer objective miracles

We’ve all been there….a moment with our customer, our R&D, or our business manager where they put their foot down and just say “Yes, I understand this product works…but why does it work!?”  I’ve been told I’m not to use the mechanism described in the well-known cartoon by S. Harris to explain “how it works” anymore…

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China through the eyes of Celanese, or when you are not a foreigner anymore

I’m writing you from China where I’m first known as a foreigner, then a Westerner, then perhaps a Mexican and, if lucky, as Adrian. I don’t consider this good or bad, it’s just the way it is. As any other country, China has its own cultural nuances.

Years ago, when I got my first full-time job after law school, Celanese exposed me to the idea of thinking — and acting — globally. That was such a revelation. Until not too long ago, Mexican branches of…

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The Artist Behind Vision 2016

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Improve Impact Performance of Thermoplastic Composites in Auto Applications with Glass Tape

Most auto makers feel the strong pressures to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel economy for passenger vehicles and commercial trucks throughout the world.  The interest and use of composites by transportation OEMs is growing. As a result, composite material suppliers are working hard to improve thermo-mechanical performance, increase processing speeds, reduce part mass and costs and enhance surface aesthetics with fewer post-mold operations.  Generally, they want to make it easier to position composites against high-strength steel and aluminum. 

Last year, a study conducted by European and American organizations looked at…

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Site Video Series: Asia Office Visit – Shanghai Style!

If you’ve never been to Shanghai Commercial and Technology Center (SCTC), watch this video and follow our guides Michelle and Larry for a tour of the Shanghai office building. Enjoy Shanghai Style!

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