The Artist Behind Vision 2016

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Hello! I am a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for hand lettering. I also really love tea, designer vinyl toys, trap music, good packaging, graffiti, papercraft, and all things sugar.

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  1. Massimiliano Contin says:

    Good job Jaclyn!
    May I ask how did You choose the colors for each mission? Was it just a random choice or there is some “connections” behind?

  2. Mark Oberle says:

    Great blog – the painting created a lot of buzz at the leadership conference and has received rave reviews as we showed the video in Asia.

  3. Jaclyn Le says:

    Hello Massimiliano! The colors for the mission words were chosen from Celanese”s primary and secondary color palettes. I also used a little bit of color theory to help me match the words with the colors 🙂

    Hi Mark! I”m so happy to hear that the piece is receiving such positive feedback!

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