“Common Goals – Sporty Achievements”: The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge is the world’s largest corporate run with approximately 68,000 employees participating from more than 2,000 companies. The event is so large, that the entire downtown area of Frankfurt, Germany closed on June 12th to host the run.

More than 200 Celanese employees from Europe participated in the event under the slogan “Common goals – sporty achievements.” Celanese employees from across Germany, the Netherlands, and this year for the first time, seven colleagues from Lanaken, Belgium, participated in the run.

Today’s blog captures the thoughts of those seven colleagues who would like to share  their personal impressions of the biggest event for Celanese employees in Europe.

 Henri Vaassen: A wonderful experience! The entire organization around the event was outstanding, both from Celanese as well as JP Morgan and the  run itself. It was just impressive in every respect. The amount of people was astonishing, but also the facilities were impressive.  I’ve never seen so many bananas together in one place in my entire life. After we returned to the park, more than 2,000 companies had their own parties. While enjoying drinks and BBQ, we socialized and  had the opportunity to meet colleagues from Europe. It was clear to me that Celanese has not just a bunch of great runners, but  great people working here. If possible, I’ll participate again next time.

Peter Iven: Excited! Everything was well prepared and went smoothly. After the run we socialized with other Celanese colleagues, in a manner much differently than our interactions at work. After the run we enjoyed the nice atmosphere outside in the park. And finally, tired but satisfied, we returned to the plant in Lanaken the day after very, very satisfied with our time in Frankfurt.

Eric Joosten: Fantastic! Running for me is synonymous with relaxation. This event was super and well prepared to the finest detail. Everyone runs at their own pace, inspired by the large group of runners. After the run we gathered in the park in the Celanese tent where we were pampered with a BBQ and fresh drinks I hope next time more colleagues will participate. Those who could not participate have really missed out on a unique Celanese  event.

Davy Myny: A very nice eveningAlthough it was not really a competition, we challenged each other  to a good pace throughout the race. It was an amazing experience and we were able to socialize with other participants from Celanese and build team camaraderie. It is definitely and event worth repeating.

Jan Crijns: Everything was well organized to the last detail! I was impressed by the city of Frankfurt with its buildings and warm welcome to the race participants. It was a successful evening!

Tom Vandeweyer: Everyone should try to come with us next year!

Ivo Delvax: Excitement! Once we arrived at the Celanese tent in the park in downtown Frankfurt, we could feel the excitement in the air. The run had a  special atmosphere and meaning; and after the event,the social gathering showing how much fun we have together was exhilarating. Our colleagues from Belgium formed together with our colleagues from the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Hungary and made a very strong “One Celanese” at the event.

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Eric Joosten, Henri Vaassen, Peter Iven, Davy Myny, Jan Crijns, Tom Vandeweyer, Ivo Delvax are all employees at the Lanaken, Belgium, cellulose acetate plant. Belgium is a small country in Europe with 11 million people. Celanese has 250 employees in Belgium and we are very happy to have those seven at the Chase for the first time.

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  1. Antonina Lobanova says:

    It is a truly wonderful event! In addition to all the comments mentioned above, i can just add that it is the only X-business and X-functional event at Celanese on such scale (that i am aware of). I am happy that Celanese participates JP Morgan Corporate Challenge and I am happy to be a part of it. I would like to encourage everybody to join us next year, it”s a lot fun!

  2. Frenze says:

    I wanted to thank all our colleagues who make that day so special. As part of the organization team I just wanted to share with you how great it is to see so many different colleagues from different sites running together, having a barbecue together and this time even enjoying the great weather.
    Thanks to our colleagues from Kaiserslautern and from the Netherlands and for the first time from Belgium for being part of this. Thanks for all the people from the Rhine-Main Area. We never had so many people participating and I know that the whole organization was agreeing at the end: THIS IS WORTH IT. I am looking forward to the next year, and to all of us- keep on running 

  3. Audrey Rong says:

    I can feel the excitement as yours seeing those pictures and reading the words deep inside. A fun, cross-function, cross-nation collaboration for the good cause.

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