All About The People: Celanese International Impact Program

Looking back to one month in Brazil, it is easy to say what affected me most, namely all the people I met during this journey.

The smart, popular and funny CIIP Team - It was an honor for me to work and spend a lot of time with this wonderful group.  Celanese did a very good job in selecting awesome individuals to work together on a multicultural team. The diversity  of nationality, age, experience, habits, backgrounds, etc., was exciting, challenging and a lot of fun. I never felt bored or even alone during this month in a foreign country. I would have never imagined learning so much from the group and about myself. Thank you for being who you are!

The incredible translatorsFirst thought about our translators Karina, Arthur, Thaís and Fernanda was: they are going to help us communicate with the people of our NGO. However, these four students did so much more than just translate for us. They helped us with every question and concern we had, talked to the people again and again, drove us wherever we needed to go, and worked self-dependent and motivated beside us on the project. Even if we made them walk from door to door, ring the bell and talk to unknown people, they supported us as much as possible and even more. Without them, we would have never reached the same targets as we did. I am so glad I could meet them and find real, new friends in Brazil!

The affectionate volunteers and workers of the NGOs - Brazilians are huggers and kissers, and one can get really used to it. The affection and amiability with which they welcomed us was amazing. However, it was even more impressive how close we got to Leonie, Dulce and all the others during our stay. Seeing all the people cry on our last day really touched my heart. They told us on the day we left that we belong to the big family of Estacao Vida from now on. This completely matched my feelings and makes me absolutely proud. I will always keep the Estacao Vida family in my heart.

The wonderful children of Estacao Vida – Low-income families from the neighborhood can send their children to Estacao Vida before or after school to obtain care, further education and food. These kids were so open-minded and interested in us and everything we did. Communicating with them without talking the same language was just great and showed us that it does not always require words to express oneself. Seeing these wonderful and innocent children made me work harder every day. I hope our work will create a positive impact on them and their families, enabling them to live  better lives.

Remembering the time I spent in Brazil with all the fantastic people crossing my way will always make me smile. I will never forget  them and hope life offers a next possibility to meet them somewhere, sometime in the future – Até lá!

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of 10 blog posts by team members of the first Celanese International Impact Program to Uberlandia, Brazil.

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				Meike Roth is working as a new business development manager for the Emulsions business in Frankfurt. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, traveling and giving regular sport lessons for children and young adults.				

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  1. Maria Valehrach says:

    Loved your pictures and commentary!!! It”s clear that this trip had a huge impact on your life, in addition to the impact it had on the people in Brazil. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  2. Tom Ueberfeld says:

    Hallo Frau Dr. Roth,
    wünsche Ihnen viel Erfolg für Ihre Arbeit und diesen Teil Ihres Lebens, verpackt mit genauso viel Spaß für Sie und Ihre Familie…
    in diesem schönen Land.
    Grüße aus Frankfurt
    Tom Ueberfeld

  3. susanne hettwer says:

    Hallo Meike,ein sehr schöner Bericht voller Wärme und Begeisterung für Dein Projekt, man kann die Emotionen förmlich spüren. Ich finde das letzte Bild sagt mehr als Tausend Worte !! Einfach nur schön !!

    Lg Susanne

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