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Changing The Way We Communicate To Our Customers

Changing the way we communicate to our customers
Email was one of the first forms of communications on the internet, and as the technology has evolved over the last two decades so has how we access that email. Celanese, much like many corporations, has continued to evolve with ways in which we access email, traditionally with Outlook on our computers, but furthering that to BlackBerry.  And now, with Bring Your Own Device program we expand that to include smartphones and tablets as well. Our customers have followed the same trends, so how we approach communications to those customers has to adapt as well.

Email client usage today
The most recent statistics from Litmus, an online email analytics provider, shows that a whopping 45% of all emails that are opened are opened on a mobile device.  Not surprisingly, Apple’s iPhone ranks #1 on that list garnering 24% of all email opens, with Outlook…

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