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Three years ago Celanese entered into a joint working relationship with China’s State Administration of Worker Safety (SAWS), the agency that regulates industrial health and safety in that country. Our purpose was to provide expertise in the area of process safety and help guide SAWS in enacting process safety regulations. Presently, China has no process safety regulations while most of the western world has process safety regulations such as the EU SEVESO, US PSM, and Mexico NOM standards. Since the goal of process safety is to prevent hazardous chemical releases, our participation in this effort will ultimately help save lives and make the Chinese chemical industry a safer place to work.

The main contributors to the effort were Chris Devlin and Jerry Forest from our corporate Process Safety group. The activities included development of a basic process safety training courses. We trained key members from SAWS located across the country so that they could in turn, train others. To complement the training course, we contributed 75 percent of the material to a basic process safety book which will be published in Mandarin Chinese this quarter. Ding MingGuan and Zhua De Wei helped edit the book prior to publication. We’ve also contributed a number of papers, case studies, and presentations to help SAWS understand what process safety means and how to prevent incidents in industry. We are presently providing input to SAWS on a pilot implementation of their newly developed process safety guideline.

We’re in the business of bringing innovative solutions to our customers with a top priority of producing chemicals safely. Celanese has demonstrated leadership in process safety with our mature 21 element process safety program. We’re happy to work with SAWS through this effort to help save lives and protect the environment by helping them enact meaningful process safety regulations.

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Steve Ridge is the EHS/OpEx Director at Celanese. In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking and golfing.

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  1. Christi Eguiza says:

    This is a very important support to the Chinese goverment and society; As the industry continue very dynamic in China, the goverment is very interested on developing and applying the best practices on regulations.
    At the JV´s we are in the process of improving the Process Safety Management. I hope the material developed in this effort can be share with the JV´s.

    • Steve Ridge says:

      I appreciate your comment. I hope all is going well for you and your family in China. This effort is a great example of the benefits from establishing a cooperative partnership with SAWS. We all have the same goal in mind, to prevent any chemical release that could harm people or the environment. All the materials developed through this study can be shared with the jv partners in China. Contact me directly if you would like me to facilitate getting this information. Thanks!
      Best Regards, Steve

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