What does KeepSafe mean to you? Video contest blog series showcases stories behind winning entries


Working safely at Celanese is an essential personal commitment and value that ensures we keep ourselves, families and communities safe on and off the job. The Celanese safety identity, KeepSafe, was created with this in mind. We embrace safety as a personal responsibility to ourselves and our coworkers because everyone’s life is valuable and our families count on us to return home safe-every day.

Earlier this year we asked employees to participate in a fun challenge! Employees and contractors teamed up from around the globe to share what KeepSafe meant to them. With more than fifty entries, the contest was a huge success, giving the company a chance to collaborate in a new way!

Once all entries were in, employees chose the winner! The KeepSafe team is proud to kick off this blog series with the Bishop site which won the people’s choice award. Watch this video as they share their story. Please leave a comment to congratulate them.

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Mark Sasek joined Celanese in 2012 as the Global Health & Safety Manager. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors and exploring new destinations with his wife and two boys.

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  1. Margie Dolch says:

    Congrats to the Bishop team for winning the people”s choice award! Thanks for spending the time to share the story behind the scenes and having fun with this contest. I know safety is something very near and dear to each of you, well done!

  2. Marco Vela says:

    Awesome! It is outstanding the way your video help us to improve our hazards recognition awareness at the music’s beat. Congratulations Bishop Team!

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