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The Budapest MikuLASS charity run for the visually impaired

Through my role in the Budapest office, I have the opportunity to actively participate and lead community relations programs such as charity events or volunteering programs. I am also lucky enough to meet a lot of very interesting people, like last October when I met Steve Kalnoky.

Steve is a Hungarian who lived in the U.S. for a long time and got a really good taste for charity and volunteering there. Like me, he quickly realized the immense differences between community relations practices in the U.S. and here in Hungary.

Steve is a runner. He has been running for years, and when he came back to live in Hungary he continued this hobby on the Margaret Island in the middle of…

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Rock Star Scientists for a Day

The swirl of colors is mesmerizing and fascinating to the eager young eyes watching intently. The fluorescent reds and oranges, the pastel yellows and blues on labcoats, on hair, on safety glasses, in petri dishes and in flasks become the center of attention as the chemists on stage keep shocking and surprising their young audience. Throughout the course of a single day, hundreds of youngsters sit on the edge of their seats believing what they thought impossible the day before…

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Happy New Year

This video shows new experiences many people can relate to. From expecting a baby to beginning a workout routine, I wanted to show that life is made up of small moments like these.

Happy New Year, I hope you enjoy the video.

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Top 10 Blogs of 2013

As we enter a new year, let’s take a look back at the 10 most popular blogs of 2013. From community outreach to advice from our CEO, the blogs will give you a view of what it’s like here at Celanese.  Click title below to read.

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