Top 10 Blogs of 2013

As we enter a new year, let’s take a look back at the 10 most popular blogs of 2013. From community outreach to advice from our CEO, the blogs will give you a view of what it’s like here at Celanese.  Click title below to read.

1. How Celanese Materials Improved My Daughter’s Life – In The Most Unexpected Way
By: Phil McDivitt







2. A “Brand” New Day At Celanese
By: Mark Rohr






3. A Call For More Women Leaders
By: Lu Zhang







4. Celanese Sings The Praises Of Qorus ™ To The World
By: Diana Peninger






5. My Top 6 Countdown Of Reasons Why I Enjoy Working At Celanese
By: Ben Shalke






6. The Celanese Foundation: How It Will Change The Face Of Celanese
By: Mark Rohr






7. Ten Strangers In A Strange Land
By: Andrea Davis





8. Celanese Poised For A Mexican Resurgence
By: Luis Jimenez







9. Three Generations Of Celanese In Mexico
By: Salvador Sanchez Valerio (Guest Blogger)







10. Skateboarding, Ipads And Icecream – All In A Day’s Work!
By: Phil McDivitt and Maria Valehrach



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Dana Smith is the Celanese Foundation Manager at Celanese. She enjoys interior decorating, working out and considers herself to be a “foodie.”

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