Daily gratitude can bring out the smiles in us all

Thank you. These two little words carry so much power and are sure to brighten the day.

Although we are a global company, it’s easy to show appreciation and embrace an attitude of gratitude – being grateful for others and their part in our daily lives. In our efforts to embrace our changing culture, I encourage everyone to acknowledge the little things every day that we can be grateful for: a colleague that helps you with a project, a friend who performs a random act of kindness, or a neighbor who shares a friendly greeting. Such sincere, positive behavior can be contagious. As we work to create a bright future for Celanese and embrace our vision, mission and values, let’s do it with an attitude of gratitude, pay it forward and watch it grow!

 Did You Know?

Babies are born with the ability to smile. Women smile more than men. Smiles can use 5 to 53 facial muscles and are a universal sign of happiness. Smiling is one of those quiet, little things a person can do that costs nothing yet pays great dividends. Studies show that smiling is good for your health; it relieves stress, boosts your mood and is contagious. So, get your smile on!

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Liana Graham is the Senior Meeting and Events Planner for Celanese. She enjoys travel, scrapbooking with friends and trying new restaurants.

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  1. Maria Valehrach says:

    Great post, Liana, and so very true! I would add to it that having gratitude for our jobs, the strong company we work for and the beautiful environment we work in can completely change our outlook, especially in the more stressful moments of our worklife!

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