Operate Responsibly: a common mission of all Celanese facilities

Honesty, openness, integrity and doing what is right is how we describe being a responsible company.  These basic principles guide how we act on a daily basis with regard to the community, our employees and the environment.

At the Bishop site in south Texas, we are very fortunate to have an excellent relationship with the local community, one which has been earned over the past 68 years. Quarterly community meetings are conducted to review the site’s major activities and address any concerns that may exist. Here are some examples of how these community meetings become very real opportunities for community service and involvement.

On a different but similar note, it is not uncommon to see employees volunteering their time to clean up the section of highway adopted by the site. A significant number us live within 20 miles of the facility, fish in the local water ways, hunt the local woods, bird watch in fields and as such have a vested interest in ensuring the environment is protected not just today but also for the future.

We all realize how fortunate we are and we have a strong sense of wanting to give back to the local community.

We firmly believe that we are our brother’s keeper and treat each other with respect, integrity and look out for each other. This open and honest approach in our business and community interactions was an enabler in allowing the Bishop site to reach a milestone never achieved in its 68-year history: one year without any individual receiving an injury. On a personal level, this means 650 individuals went home after work every day in as good, or maybe even better, condition than how they came to the plant.

In 2013, Nocky Garza, a maintenance team leader, was awarded the American Chemical Council’s Responsible Care Employee of the Year award for his and his fellow workers’ relentless pursuit of driving positive change in the organization.

The Bishop site has some unique characteristics, but it shares a common mission with all Celanese facilities globally – we will lead and proudly operate our plants in a responsible manner to make a positive impact on our community and those with whom we work.

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Brian Connelly is the Site Director in Bishop for Celanese. He also is a member of the Kingsville Rotary Club and serves on the Economic Development Council for Kleberg/Kenedy County.

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  1. Maria Valehrach says:

    Brian, I think what you all are doing there at Bishop is FANTASTIC!!! So proud to be associated with a company full of caring and giving people!

  2. Margie Dolch says:

    Brian, thanks for sharing what you’re site is doing to be an active part of your local community. And congrats to everyone on achieving this significant safety milestone. Thank you for showing us what it means to be a community partner.

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