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It was a beautiful summer evening in Germany. A helicopter soared over skyscrapers, broadcasting from one of the world’s largest races, the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. Crowds gathered together with a contagious excitement with the aim of promoting wellness in the workplace. 71,000 participants filled the downtown Frankfurt streets for a memorable 3.5 mile run.

Taking everything in, I looked over at my colleague, Eszter and reflected on when we first met. Just one week before, there she stood at the airport gate welcoming me with a big smile holding a small poster of our company’s vision artwork. I remember thinking to myself, what a creative and friendly lady! This was just the beginning of a week of collaboration and fun! You see, I work in our Dallas headquarters and my colleague is from our Budapest site. We work together on the same team, but we didn’t know each other very well. I had traveled to Europe to work on a two-week assignment helping with a few projects, to strengthen relationships and to gain a better understanding of how our team supports the region.

Returning to the race, my colleague and I were in awe of number of participants! This was the first time either of us had participated in a race of this magnitude. I had been training for the race for several months, but suddenly my priorities shifted. In a week’s time, I had made a connection with a colleague that was more valuable to me than achieving a new personal record. As we made our way across the starting line, we agreed that we would remain together, no matter what.

People cheered for us from the sidewalks as we ran by. Marching bands helped us find our pace with rhythmic ballads from the sidelines. Skyscrapers and the Frankfurt skyline created a beautiful backdrop for this unique experience. As we made our way along the race course, I was inspired by the team spirit around me! Then, I suddenly found myself encouraging my colleague, coaching her throughout the race.  It was really special for us to finish together.

In short, the race was much like my trip, an opportunity to collaborate, help others and to have fun doing it. What a unique and valuable experience this trip was for me. 

205 Celanese employees, representing 9 locations globally, included Germany (Frankfurt, Sulzbach, Oberhausen and Kaiserslautern), Lanaken (Belgium), Geleen (Netherlands), Budapest (Hungary), Dallas (USA) and Perstorp (Sweden.)

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Margie Dolch is a senior communications specialist and Celanese’s social media manager. She is known for her loud laugh, internal communications celebrity status and is an intranet geek. She’s been a fan of storytelling her entire life and enjoys jogging. She’s been married to her best friend for 13 years and is a mom of 3 awesome kiddos.

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  1. Maria Valehrach says:

    Awesome post, Margie!! You have a flair for setting the scene and drawing us as readers in. Thanks for inspiring us all to keep teamwork at the top of our priorities!

    • Margie Dolch says:

      Thank you Maria! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned, I will have another blog post on the trip focusing on collaboration and personal growth in a few weeks.

  2. Joan McKaughan says:


    Thanks for sharing your own experience! What a great opportunity for you two.

    And thank you for all of the work you do to share Celanese-wide activities with us. I really enjoy it, and know our employees do too. It is connecting us globaly, sharing great ideas and experiences, and enhancing our ability to Collaborate, and for Employee Growth!

    • Margie Dolch says:

      Thank you Joan! It was a great experience and memory. It’s a pleasure to help share Celanese’s news on the intranet. I appreciate all you do to help me stay informed on Bishop happenings.

  3. Eszter Horváth says:


    You have brought back my memories about the two weeks we could spend together! Thank you for being my support and mentor in our mutual projects and during the Chase run! I couldn’t have done it without your collaboration!

    • Margie Dolch says:

      Eszter, thank you for running with me and being a wonderful host while I was in Budapest. I really enjoyed spending time with you, Bence and the rest of the EU comms team.

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