We’re All Part Of The Celanese Brand

I recently read an article “Your CEO Is Part of Your Brand, Whether You Like It or Not”. The article described how a CEO’s actions or comments can have an impact on a brand’s perception.

The article made me think:  the CEO is the most visible reflection of a company’s brand, but they are not the only one who impacts a brand.  We all reflect Celanese; whether it is with customers, suppliers, our communities and with each other.

Wait, don’t only customer-facing employees represent our brand?  The reality is in today’s world we are all brand stewards.  Ask yourself, “Do I know what we stand for? Do I understand our mission? Our values?  Our products?  Do I act in accordance with these goals?

Celanese is more than a logo and tag line. Our brand is what we as employees deliver.   We represent the Celanese promise when we fulfill a tight delivery, innovate on new applications, give back to our communities and work towards a unified experience for customers and employees alike.

We bring value to the brand by:

Our brand represents our value. The value we deliver to our customers. The value we deliver to our employees. The value we deliver to our communities.

We are all part of the brand; from the shop floor to the CEO.

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Adolph Gonzales is the Operations and Social Responsibility Manager and on the Corporate Communication team. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering in the community, finding new hidden restaurants & golfing.

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  1. Frank Ling says:

    Good blog Adolph! Every employee is the ambassador, therefore, rather than being customer focused, we should be employee focused, because it is employee who determines the quality of customer service and the brand.

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