CIIP: Improving the World Through Collaboration

In October, I had the pleasure to participate in a unique event – a great demonstration to see how we give back to our communities. During the closing meeting of the CIIP (Celanese International Impact Program) in Łódz, Poland the three Celanese  teams shared their results with representatives of the organizations we supported during this program. In the CIIP, 10 Celanese employees from across the globe spent a month with 3 different non profit groups, working on a variety of projects, dedicating their business skills to better the operations of these partners in need.

Our 10 employees were very impressive and most importantly the organizations couldn’t thank us enough for being there. Our teams helped these organizations achieve their targets, taught them new skills from the business world, and left the organizations with a deep satisfaction of the skills of our employees.

What struck me as the biggest value of this program was the fact that employees from such diverse cultural and professional backgrounds joined together to solve problems, create collaborative solutions, and implement their ideas over an intensive and brief period.

This is a great example of how productive we can be when we step out of our silos, work together, and concentrate on the solution. We need to continue to find projects within our organization -define clear goals and work across businesses and functions to bring improvements and savings to our company.

I would like to thank the 10 employees, Daisy Wang, Jeremy Shi and Dong Zhang from Asia, Lilla Laszlok, Sasha Heriot and Viktoria Radakovics from Europe and Julie Burke, Nathan Bower, Steve Brandtner and Howard Yates from the USA for their hard work and challenge them as well as all of us to look for ways to do this type of collaboration within our company.

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As the Vice President of Europe, Amy Hebert resides in Germany. In her free time, Amy enjoys spending time with her four children and reading all types of books especially historical fiction set in Europe.

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  1. Margie Dolch says:

    Amy, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’m sure the CIIP team appreciated your support and encouragement during their closing presentations. I agree, we need to step out of our silos to collaborate more. Our skills and strengths vary and our collective effort can bring greater value to the company.

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