5 Lessons Learned in Personal and Career Growth

In order to grow we must commit to owning our career development. To be authentic, we encourage a diverse and inclusive environment. At Celanese, we have found inspiration in our company value, Employee Growth, and seen how it can move us forward in our careers. This week I’m highlighting 5 more of our most popular blogs from 2014, this time around the theme of Employee Growth.

Click on the titles below to read how we are making Celanese a rewarding place to work with growth opportunities that allow employees to reach their fullest potential!

How Can We Add Value And Grow With The Company?
By: Lori Johnston






The Corporate Vision In And Outside Your Box
By: Frank Ling






Stepping Out From Behind The Corporate Curtain
By: Caitlin McCoy






Lessons Learned On The Beach
By: Mark Oberle






Do You Do Windows? 
By: Jay Townsend






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