Got Game? Stepping Up Communications at Celanese

Over the last several years, we have stepped up our communication game at Celanese. Our focus is stronger than ever on the fundamentals of good communication: timely, relevant and candid. But we’ve also added lively, creative and fun. We continue to strive for less corporate speak and more plain speak.

Just last week we wrapped up our annual global leadership meeting with senior managers from all of our operating regions. This year’s theme was Grow Together. The meeting content was about the company’s strategic path over the next several years. Attendees spent the week digging deep into the need for change and their role in leading it over the next 12-18 months.






With past events, we usually produce a summary video to share with employees about a week after the event is over. Given the importance of sharing our strategy and our strong commitment to more open communication, we decided to redefine how we managed communications from the meeting. This year our approach was to make the coverage as “real time” as possible, presenting updates from the meeting quickly and creatively. Planning started several months before the event by building detailed work flows, shot lists, interview questions and more. To bring a broader perspective to our coverage, we invited our European colleague, Lisa Moessing, to join us before the meeting to help finalize plans and be one of our on-camera interviewers.

Last week, the team worked around the clock to take pictures, write, edit, and create quick, informative videos. We had to work fast and seamlessly. While behind-the-scenes efforts were invisible to our audience, there were many late nights and stressful moments to make our “real time” vision come true.

Over the coming weeks, senior leaders will be visiting our sites and meeting with employees to share more about our strategy and 2015 plans. This is another step in the communication process designed to help us change and grow together.

We will continue to go all out to bring relevant and clear information in a timely fashion to our employees. We consider good communication a competitive advantage and will do our best for our employees and the corporation.

Hats off to our Grow Together 2015 video and online crew:

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Gretchen Rosswurm is vice president of global corporate communications and corporate social responsibility at Celanese, a global chemical company in Dallas. Throughout her career, she has advised leaders on communication strategies to enhance employee engagement and improve business results. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering in the community, playing Words With Friends and writing short fiction.

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  1. Harrie says:

    I have to admit I was looking forward to each day’s video update like some television shows I watch! it was great to be updated each day, thank you. The quality showed and the team’s hard work.

  2. Lisa Moessing says:

    Gretchen, this has been a fantastic project for all of us. I like the idea of being courageous by challenging the way we communicate within the Corporation. In addition, this project proved once again that cross-border collaboration works.

    • Margie Dolch says:

      I agree with Lisa’s comments and would also add: this was great on the job training. As I was leaving on the last day I asked one of the leader’s what he thought of it, he told me how he liked being able to roll up his sleeves and be a part of it. I would have to echo those sentiments from a comms standpoint. Thanks to you and Jackie for giving us the freedom to grow and explore. It’s been fun and it’s only going to get better!

    • gretchen says:

      Lisa and Margie, you all stepped up to a big logistical and creative challenge. When we bring good minds together, good things happen.

  3. Joe Menner says:

    The video updates and interviews were fantastic. I found myself checking our homepage multiple times a day for the latest update. Great work by the whole MARCOM team.

  4. Adam Robbins says:

    Outstanding job with the videos! The quality and content was impressive. Congratulations to the entire team on the excellent work.

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