How I Gave Up My Lunch and Became a Rockstar Reader

It’s hard to believe we’re already three months in to the new year. The resolutions and promises that we made with such zealous excitement on January 1 seem daunting and are slipping ever further down on your to do list. Many of us made the resolution to give back more, but with work, family, friends and more, where to find the time to do it?

Lunch time. We all take lunch. Sure, we may eat our desk a few days a week, but who doesn’t take a day or two each week to reconnect with a friend and business acquaintance (And if you’re not already doing this, you should).

I recently discovered that with as little as one lunch a month, I can make a difference in the lives of children in our community and come back to my office reenergized and excited about life. I became a reader at Mi Escuelita Preschool.

Mi Escuelita teaches English to children from all cultures and prepares them for academic success. Their success statistics are certainly impressive, with more than 90% of their children entering English-speaking classrooms, but more importantly these 2 ½ – 5 years olds are in a caring and supportive environment where they’re learning valuable social and emotional skills alongside academics.

Being a reader means you’ll take 1 lunch hour a month(or more), go to one of the five Mi Escuelita locations, and spend time reading books with the happiest group of preschoolers you can imagine. They will cheer when you walk in to read to them; they will greet you with hugs; they will give you priceless works of art that you can proudly display in your office; and they will beg you to come back soon to read to them again.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a rockstar, be a reader.

For more information or to sign up to be a rockstar reader, visit or call 214-526-0220.

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Betsy Orton serves as the Director of Development for Mi Escuelita Preschool. Orton, formerly executive director for After-School All-Stars North Texas and director of development and marketing for the Texas Trees Foundation, has a successful 10-year track record in nonprofit leadership and fundraising. A Southern Methodist University graduate, Orton previously led marketing initiatives for the American Red Cross and served as an associate director for Friends of the Katy Trail, increasing membership and securing capital campaign funds while maintaining donor relations.

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  1. Adolph says:

    Betsy, Thanks for sharing. Organizations like Mi Escuelita play a key role in helping children succeed as they grow.

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