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10 Years of Celanese Listed on the New York Stock Exchange

On January 30, 10 years after Celanese was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Chairman and CEO Mark Rohr and 14 employees from around the globe met to commemorate this milestone and ring the NYSE closing bell. It was an honor and privilege to visit the world´s most prestigious securities trading floor. As an employee, it doesn’t happen every day to have a chance to spend a few days with the company’s CEO, and what’s more in such a special setting…

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Former Intern Returns to Celanese

For those of you who don’t know me I’m Sasquatch and I was an intern here at Celanese. After that experience, I never thought I’d be back, but I’m proud to say…

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Your Personal Brand and How to Build It

Shut your eyes and imagine it’s 2020. You work for a global company made up of thousands of unique and diverse personalities all contributing their part for a greater good…

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An Emotional Goal – Helping Others in Need

On April 26th I will run in the London Marathon on behalf of the ovarian charity, Ovacome. It’s a cause I have a personal connection with and I’m really proud to be an ambassador just for one day.

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Everything I Know About Communication I Could Have Learned From Country Music

Do you like country music? I used to hate it. Every time it came on the radio, I turned the station. At least I used to until my 16-year-old son started listening to it. That’s been a good thing because now I see how much country music and good communication have in common…

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