10 Years of Celanese Listed on the New York Stock Exchange

On January 30, 10 years after Celanese was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Chairman and CEO Mark Rohr and 14 employees from around the globe met to commemorate this milestone and ring the NYSE closing bell. It was an honor and privilege to visit the world´s most prestigious securities trading floor. As an employee, it doesn’t happen every day to have a chance to spend a few days with the company’s CEO, and what’s more in such a special setting. What made it special was not only the unique location and participating in such a milestone of the company’s history, but also that our leadership team selected employees to experience this exciting event.

Our group travelled to New York City a day before the event. We met for dinner at the Delmonico’s restaurant established in 1827, where Mark Rohr and Lori Johnston, senior vice president, Human Resources, answered questions from the group followed by a lively discussion on various topics. On Friday, we had a lunch discussion with a chemical equity analyst followed by a tour of the exchange where we saw many historical documents.

NYSE building has a history that touches you immediately when you are passing through the entrance. When we went down to the trading floor to look around, it was a completely different impression from what we see in the movies. There are no people running around sweating and shouting: now everything is automated and people are only busy looking at the screens. There are traders — or market makers — who are responsible for specific companies and we had the chance to meet the person in charge of trading Celanese that day. This is the person who has the responsibility to make sure that at the end of the day, sellers and buyers are on the same page.

Just before 4 o’clock we went on stage and 15 seconds before the 4:00 pm Eastern time close, Mark Rohr started to ring the bell, and at 4 o’clock on the dot, the sound of the bell signaled the end of the stock exchange’s trading for that day. It was a special moment for all of us.

Some of us also had the opportunity to visit to the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation started by Camille Dreyfus in 1945. The Dreyfus brothers founded American Cellulose and Chemical Manufacturing Company in 1918, later renamed Celanese in 1927.  We also spent time sightseeing in the financial district such as World Trade Center Memorial, Federal Hall, and Trinity Church.

We will all remember this event and this energy we felt.  It was a truly memorable experience!  You can see a video montage of our visit below:






Amit Gupta,   Sales  Florence






Brenda Valdes Falcon, Sales,  Mexico City






Brian Connelly, Site Director, Bishop






Dominique Schroeer, Procurement, Sulzbach






Istvan Katona, Accounting, Budapest






Jan Dean, HR, Dallas






Judy Gomez, Supply Chain, Dallas






Ken Price, Engineered Materials, Florence






Perry Aliotti, Sales, Charlotte






Prasad Polamraju,  Information Technology, Dallas






Qi Feng Xu, Operations, Nanjing






Sam Adkins, Supply Chain, Florence






Trinity Hale, Intermediate Chemistry, Clear Lake






Wendy Sterling, R&D, Florence

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Prasad Polamraju is IT Business Solutions Support Manager based in Dallas. In his spare time, he organizes Habitat for Humanity Home Builds and likes to read and spend time with his family.

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    • Prasad says:

      Karen, Thank you for your comments. American Celanese was incorporated on January 5th, 1918 by Dreyfus brothers as American Cellulose & Chemical Manufacturing Company with $1,000 dollars of capital stock and 2018 will be our 100th year.

  1. Amit Gupta says:

    Visiting NYSE as a listed company’s employee was never on my bucket list but should have been! This was a great experience…..very proud and the energy was awesome.

    Sincere thank you to all those that made this happen plus thank you Prasad for a nice write up. Amit

  2. Fran Tesch says:

    Nice article, Prasad. Was there a picture of our first share available to see? At what price did our stock open up at a decade ago?

    What a great opportunity for the group who participated!.

    Those of us who watched from the sidelines were excited to watch CE mark this milestone. We watch that happening all the time but to see our own CEO surrounded by familiar faces made us proud!

    Thanks for filling us in on the details.

  3. Prasad says:

    Fran, Thanks for reading the blog and your comments. NYSE arranged a display of many historical documents and pictures from listing 10 years ago as well the original Celanese listing from 1930 by Dreyfus brothers. Believe a decade ago Celanese stock was listed at $16.

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