It Always Works Out In The End

Growing up, my parents always told me to get a good job with a good company and I’d be set for life. My mom worked for Quaker State Corporation; my dad worked in the IT department for a company called Franklin Steel. Both worked at their respective companies for 20-plus years, and for a long time I thought they were right. But, then change came.  Quaker State moved to the Lone Star State, and Franklin Steel turned off its furnaces. In their 50s, my parents needed to find new jobs to bridge the gap to retirement. It was devastating at first, and it required a move from northwest Pennsylvania to Cleveland, Ohio. But, in the end, my father found a better IT job with a company that deeply valued him and his expertise; my mom took on a fun job with a travel agency and they were able to enjoy the many great aspects of living in a metropolitan area that they did not have in their small town as they finished out their work years.

For me personally, change has been a major part in my life. In the past 26 years, I’ve lived and worked in 9 states, worked for 8 different companies and been married twice. (At Celanese alone, I’ve held 5 vastly different titles!) Throughout my career, I’ve been told my job was being centralized, decentralized, off-shored and eliminated. And, I’ve had to tell others theirs were, too.  Regardless of the reasons, these kinds of changes are tough to go through, and I won’t pretend that they didn’t throw me off balance a little. But, having gone through these changes, I’ve also experienced the thrill of adventure, the excitement of taking on a new role and the joy of starting a new phase of life. I’ve learned that fighting the change only wears me out. It’s physically and emotionally exhausting.  But, in surrendering to the change, really giving myself over to it, I have found unimagined happiness and fulfillment in both my personal and professional life.

My parents were right; I’ve had many good jobs with many good companies, not just one. I’ve learned to take each day as it comes — finding the joy in wherever I am or whatever I am doing — being open to all the possibilities; because, it ALWAYS works out in the end.

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Maria Valehrach is director of the New Business Development group in EVA Polymers. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, golf, running and spending time with her husband and two dogs.

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  1. Adriano Costa says:

    Hi Maria.
    Long time no see!
    Congratulations for your newest profile, also I liked very the reading.
    Good Luck and success!

  2. Diana Babaeva says:

    Good to see you sharing your story, Maria! Your enthusiasm was always infectious and it’s been a great fun working and learning from you in SCOM. You taught us to see challenges as opportunities to grow at that time and it’s been an exciting adventure ever since. All the very best to you.

    • Maria Valehrach says:

      Diana, thank you so much! We had an amazing adventure with SCOM, didn’t we? I’m so grateful for that time and all that came from it – the relationships, the learning, the growth. All the very best to you, too!

  3. Barbara Stewart says:

    It has been great to witness you growing and flourishing at Celanese. I am glad that your life’s flow brought you here!

    • Maria Valehrach says:

      Thanks, Barbara! You are one of those people who made a big difference in my career. And, I’m glad I found my way here, too!

  4. K D Kearney says:

    Hello Maria and thank you for sharing your story. This is a strong message both about the reality of change in our world and the importance of accepting, adapting to and integrating those changes into our lives . Your insightful comments really touched me, particularly the costs of fighting the inevitable changes in our lives and the benefits to be gained by a positive and proactive mental outlook . You clearly have an “abundance mentality” and it shows here as well as in your daily life and relationships with your coworkers and customers . Thank you for posting this .
    Best regards , K D K

    • Maria Valehrach says:

      Kevin, I really appreciate your kind words. Yes, life is better with an abundance mentality. There is more than enough for all of us. It’s just a matter of letting life lead us to it, rather than thinking we must force it to happen our way.

  5. Amy Berryhill says:

    LOVED reading this! Although we only know each other thru yoga, I would definitely agree with your statement about “finding joy in wherever/whatever…..” ; because I see it in you at yoga all the time! Thank you greatly for sharing! =)

  6. mom says:

    Great article!! You speak from the heart, and lots of experiences, no pity party there. In all the new adventure to which you have positively & optimistically adapted, you have remained the beautiful girl you always were inside. I should know. Still and always, proud of you with love.

    • Maria Valehrach says:

      Oh, thanks, Mom! You and Dad gave me a great foundation, and it has seen me through all of this change.

  7. LouAnn Lubben says:

    I loved reading your message about your lovely parents, my Aunt and Uncle. They’ve raised such a wonderful lady, so energetic and enthusiastic. I can assure readers Maria is a genuine person, not just because she’s my cousin. She’s a product of such positive and loving parents. I’m so lucky to have you in my life, Maria. I imagine your company must feel the same way. I only wish we lived in the same State!

    • Maria Valehrach says:

      Thanks so much, Lou! Who knows, maybe the winds of change will bring you to Texas one of these days!

  8. Luis Gomez says:

    Genuine and from the heart Maria….I am allways envious of those who have strength, courage, character and happiness within them. Thank you for sharing your inner sunshine with us!

    • Maria Valehrach says:

      Luis, thank you for your kind thoughts. They mean a lot to me because I do try to share my “inner sunshine,” as you say, with everyone. It’s what life is truly about.

    • Maria Valehrach says:

      Thanks, Adolph! You, too, are one of those people who have a great attitude about life, and it’s contagious, my friend!

  9. Dad says:

    Maria, I’m going to add one small caveat, as moms and dads are wont to do, sometimes. It all worked out from the very start for Mom and me from the moment that God added your precious life to ours. And then He added two more.

    • Maria Valehrach says:

      Ah, thanks, Dad! And, that’s a wonderful perspective – that it worked out from the start – too!

  10. Mark Murray says:

    Thanks for the blog Maria. This is a very timely message for me right now and appreciate your thoughtful perspective. Your Dad’s note is truly touching…

    • Maria Valehrach says:

      You’re welcome, Mark, and thanks so much for your words, too. Will send positive thoughts your way as you gear up for this new adventure in your life!

  11. Bin Zhang says:

    It always works out in the end. Very well said, Maria! Thanks for sharing your touching stories and I really enjoyed it. It is very true that the only thing doesn’t change is change itself. Eventhough someone’s position, in the personal life or at work, is not changing at the moment, things around are changing all the time regarless of the personal perference. Happily facing the change and making the most out it is the best way out.

  12. Bonnie says:

    Hi, Maria, your blog is timely and impacts many of us.”It always works out in the end.” “Being open to all possibilities,” Yes, it is.
    Appreciated your wonderful perspective and your thoughts!

  13. Nina Orth says:

    Maria, so true, thanks for sharing your story. Hope to work togehter again with you one day. Miss your enthusiasm. Warmest Regards Nina

  14. Mike Jackson says:

    Maria – I read this article as soon as I saw it for two reasons: 1. I’ve always found you to be a very positive, energizing person and I value that and 2. The title: “It always works out in the end”.
    I personally went through a lot of change in the past few years and had to lead others through a lot of change, some of it difficult, most of it very rewarding, and all of it working out in the end.

    A few years ago, in the office I had a few doors down from yours, I put up a sign right above my desk that said simply “IAWOOK.” Occasionally, someone would ask what it meant and I said it was my daily reminder that “It Always Works Out OK.” I put it up after thinking about some big challenges I was facing and reflecting on how I had handled big challenges throughout my life.
    So, I get it, and I really appreciate you putting your thoughts and words to describe it so well.

    • Maria Valehrach says:

      Mike, I am truly honored. Thank you for your warm words and support. We never realize the impact we have on one another as we go through our work days and life. And, I’m happy to know we share this outlook – IAWOOK! It’s one thing that can pull us through when it seems as if nothing else will. All my best to you.

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