A Jump Start in Sneakers

Personally, I always enjoy participating in social and team events. Especially at a sporting event like the J.P. Morgan Chase Run where It is easy to just jump into the next conversation around you and get to know new colleagues from others sites, departments and businesses. Where else would I have the chance to meet all these faces?

Sport has always been a good (and healthy) reason for people to get together and join the race. That’s why I also decided this year to not let the Frankfurt Chase happen without me. I grabbed my bags, a few colleagues from the Dutch site in Geleen and took the bus to Germany. During the 3-hour ride, not only were our sneakers ready for the excitement, but also our moods for the biggest Celanese European team event.

After becoming an official “Finisher” in the 2014 Chase Run and running alongside the Frankfurt Skyline amid a sweating crowd of 70,000 plus, I decided to join the organizing team this year. Wearing my team shirt that read “We give you a jump start” with this year’s slogan “SCHNELANESE” (translates as SPEEDANESE), I really enjoyed preparing the Celanese team tent so that all runners could enjoy a relaxing evening with ice-cold beer and a nicely decorated barbecue under the open sky. Just like our motto, while lots of feet ran for a good cause, lots of hands prepared for the well-deserved rest at the conclusion of the race. Through the Corporate Challenge, J.P. Morgan partnered with the German Sport Aid Foundation and the German Disabled Youth Foundation, providing donations of €253,000 for sports projects for disabled youth.  Even if it’s really hard to be among the fastest runners of the crowd, no one is at the Chase for chasing speed records, but for good conversations and team spirit outside of our office walls. It’s been a (sporty) pleasure, as always!

Check out the video below to see why others enjoy participating in the Chase Run.

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Clara de Haan works as an Administrative Assistant at the Celanese site in Geleen, the Netherlands. In her free time she enjoys modelling clay sculptures, traveling and playing Jeu de Boule (Boccia.)

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  1. Francesca Gambardella says:

    Thank you Clara, for this very inspiring article! Indeed: sport is an healthy way of having good time with friends and colleagues. Running together for a good purpose makes our team stronger!

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