More Than a Budapest Shared Service Center

I have always been expecting more than just a 9 to 5 job. I wanted to work somewhere where people care about each other. A place where my ideas are heard and where I can be challenged every day.

Have you ever wondered what makes our Shared Service Center (SSC) different from the others in Budapest? In this competitive market, we believe Celanese is more than a Shared Service Center. Join me and my colleagues as we share why working at Celanese is a fun, diverse and an inclusive community.

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Viktor Morandini is a Continuous Improvement Specialist at the Budapest site and has been with Celanese for five years. When he is not working on projects or holding trainings he goes orienteering, trains with kettlebells or performs stand-up comedy.

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  1. Patrick Dailey says:

    Extraordinary video…It is exciting to see how valuable and unique Budapest is to Celanese’s success. Thanks for sharing!

    • Dóra Markovits says:

      Thanks, Patrick, for the appreciation! We are really proud to work here, and this video shows this enthusiasm excellently.

  2. Keith stewart says:

    What a great blog. Love this video. You guys show such great pride and enthusiasm to come to work each day. Excellent!

  3. Gabriella Medovarszki says:

    Great video, reflects the passion we have for our our site and for the company! Good to be here.

  4. Nicole Könecke says:

    Exciting! This video is great! Real people, real story and a great song (What is the name…where can I download it?)

    I assume producing it was fun… Is there a “Making-Of” 🙂

    • Petra Czugler says:

      Hi, Nicole, I’m glad you liked the video 🙂

      The song is called “Larger than life” by the band Pinkzebra feat. Benji Jackson. It’s a great song and certainly captured the energy at our Budapest center very well. You can find the song on YouTube or Spotify.

      Production was excellent fun and what I’m particularly proud of is that all the actors featured in the movie are our employees who volunteered to play the part.
      We are working on the ‘making of’ the movie – stay tuned!

  5. Bob Guenther says:

    My sincere regards to Viktor and the entire Budapest team for such a great video! Your continued passion and commitment to improve the world is contagious! I have commented on many occasions to many of my colleagues in Budapest that they are top talent and continue to lead in many ways as demonstrated in the video! Great job and thank you for your continued contributions!

  6. Gaby Roznovsky says:

    What a great video, it reflects so well what the Budapest team has been achieving with their passion, dedication, and determination! Thanks for sharing.

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