Mark Rohr - Welcome to CE-Blog

Good communications are vital to the success of any business. And today’s social media forums present remarkable opportunities to share information between people and groups. This blog is the start of what I believe will be a dynamic ongoing conversation between Celanese and the people and organizations we interact with.

We want CE-Blog to be a place where the perspectives of our leaders, the talents of our employees, and eventually the voices of customers and suppliers, will be heard and seen. We look forward to engaging with you on relevant topics of the day and using this medium to its fullest capability including videos, infographics and more.

What I really like about blogs is the personal tone. Here we can short circuit traditional ways of communicating to tell interesting stories in our own voices. At any time you visit CE-Blog, you will find posts about what it’s like to work here, how we are innovating with customers, the good work our employees are doing in their communities and more.

Of course CE-Blog is a supplement to our normal communications. We will continue to inform you of our company’s news through press releases, our website and face to face meetings, but here you should expect to find more flavor than those communications might have.

And the blog will cover a lot of ground.  We’ve intentionally cast a wide net so this blog will have something for everyone.

As the blog grows over the coming months, please don’t hesitate to offer your recommendations for topics or ways we can improve by replying to this blog using the comments section below. We look forward to the conversation.