It all starts with great people with the drive and motivation to do the right thing for our company. Our company culture is unique in that everyone is enthusiastically rowing in the same direction. We are one team striving towards the elusive goal of being the best in everything we do.

We have been able to achieve more than a 70% increase in IP (intellectual property) activity as a direct result of this can-do culture.  This achievement would not have been attainable without the significant understanding, support and trust from our most senior management team, our CEO and even our board of directors. For me, without the significant support from our general counsel, our team of general and IP lawyers and our administrative staff, this milestone would have not have been achievable.

Many companies want “IP Excellence,” but very few understand or take the time to appreciate what that is or means. Even fewer companies comprehend the necessary resources needed, people, time and money, to establish a global, best-in class, IP management strategic effort.  And, a finite few appreciate what it takes to maintain momentum for the effort, and the patience for the results.

At Celanese everyone understands the importance in protecting our intangible and most valuable assets, our intellectual property. It is these valuable assets including our skilled and knowledgeable people that provide our businesses with significant competitive advantages. The entire company knows and appreciates the substantial investment being made towards enhancing our future opportunities with an accelerated focus on innovation.

Celanese’s transformation into a specialty chemicals company has resulted in a tremendous amount of creative energy bolstered by increasing research and development spending. Ultimately, our responsibility is to secure and protect our innovation investment and create shareholder value. Therefore, success for us must include “Premier IP Excellence, “ it must be culturally and systemically engrained in everyone, and it must be a core competency.

While we have made tremendous progress, there is much, much, more to do. Success depends not only on our ability to innovate, but also our ability to protect that competitive advantage around the globe.