Over the past month, I have had the honor of representing the innovative work of Celanese’s employees.  By now, you should have heard about our success at CERA, the Forbes magazine article highlighting TCX® Technology and the recent live broadcast on Fox Business News. Please take a moment to view these links at the end of this blog.

In all these instances, I have been privileged to share the success of TCX® Technology development.  Not only was this an honor – but it was an adventure.

Although as CFO I frequently get the opportunity to present to investors and other key stakeholders, I have never been a part of the broader media world as I have been in the last month.  Like many, I don’t necessarily like to see myself on video or in pictures – but I am so proud to represent Celanese I couldn’t help but blog about it.

We have worked hard to transform Celanese into the great company it is today – and as a result the value of the company has quadrupled over the last 10 years.  Our employees should be proud of that.  It’s exciting and motivating to work with so many talented people and to have been a small part of this great team.

But, I have to tell you – the future is even more exciting.  Whether it’s the promise of our TCX® Technology, our Celanese Innovation Award winners, or our commitment to corporate social responsibility our company’s future is bright.

And with something like TCX® Technology, it’s easy to think that the path to prosperity can only come through big ideas and big projects.  This is not the case.  Each time you interface with a customer and learn more about how we can help them, each project that passes through the stage gate process, each successful new patent  – all are as critical to our success as TCX® Technology.

Although we like to talk about the future (and believe me, my dreams for TCX® Technology are big) – the pathway to doubling earnings by 2016 start today – and everyday – by focusing on executing the controllables and achieving commercial and manufacturing excellence. And none of this can be done without our people.

I look forward to seeing the great things you are doing come to fruition – whether it’s exceeding your customer’s expectations today or realizing our dreams of TCX tomorrow.  I am honored to have represented you, your hard work and results.

Thanks again for what you have done – and continue to do every day – to make Celanese a premier company.  And, thank you for giving me the honor of being able to speak to the world about the great things happening at Celanese.

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