Recently we visited with Wall Street investors.  Mark Rohr, the new chairman and chief executive officer of Celanese, has a tremendous reputation on Wall Street and investors wanted to hear first-hand his vision for our company.

In forty-eight hours, the Celanese team attended investor meetings in Boston and New York. These meetings are a gauntlet of physical and mental endurance with long days followed by dinner meetings fielding probing questions from investors and sell side analysts.

And with a new CEO, demand was overwhelmingly high when we hit the road after first quarter earnings.

Here’s a look at our forty-eight hour marathon by the numbers:

1 Lunch with investors in (Boston)

1 Haircut just for the event (you looked great Duffy Fischer, Barclays)

2 Dinners with investors (thankfully not on the same night)

2 CEO’s. (Mark Rohr and Susan Pradhan, a Celanese employee, attended the Barclay’s Conference. Susan enjoyed being CEO for the day. You can read about her experience on this blog)

12 Tall double cappuccinos from Starbucks

14 One-on-one meetings (Don’t let the name fool you.  Most of our one-on-ones had at least five investors and in one meeting we had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate everyone)

17 The number of times the CEO mentioned he hates debt

43 Firms represented in one-on-one meetings

89 Investors met with during one-on-one meetings

100+ Investors who attended Mark Rohr’s keynote lunch presentation on the topic of Celanese’s new ethanol technology, TCX.

12,186 miles flown during the trip

$1,760,000,000,000 Assets under management for the firms we met (That’s $1.76 trillion) 

So big you can’t properly do the math with it: the fuel ethanol opportunity for Celanese.

Even after this exhausting couple of days, Mark Rohr was waiting at the gate to say thanks (and to get another tall double cappuccino).