Frankfurt – Last week I was in Europe visiting with employees and customers. I met many talented people and am learning more about Celanese’s innovation capabilities. I like what I see. The teams there are enthusiastically developing solutions for customers that address the needs of our society today and in the future.

Take beverages for example. In 2011, five out of the top ten carbonated soft drinks in the US had zero calories thanks to artificial sweeteners. These “light beverages” are gaining popularity because consumers these days want less calories and less sugar.

Our food ingredients business, Nutrinova, is at the heart of solving this need. In fact, Frankfurt is the manufacturing home to one of the most versatile and popular sweeteners in the world. If you’ve drank any of the top branded diet sodas, you’ve tried it. It’s called Sunett®, and it’s made by Nutrinova. This product has been used in diet drinks and foods consumed around the world for more than a decade.

Last week the Nutrinova team shared with me an exciting and promising innovation in our sweetener lineup. It’s currently in commercialization and getting great response from our customers in all regions of the world. It will take us another step closer to a sugar-like taste without the calories.

Nutrinova’s new technology combines our proven Sunett® with other key high intensity sweeteners and specialty ingredients to achieve a clean sugar-like taste. The advanced sweetening technology enables beverage companies and commercial packaged goods manufacturers to easily incorporate this new product into their formulations. Our technology speeds up their product development process so they can bring their products to market faster. And they taste great too.

Sunett® SL is just one example of the exciting technologies that Celanese teams are developing today. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months.