This is always a busy time for marketing professionals because there are many trade shows. As marketing communications manager for Celanese Emulsion Polymers, part of my job is the organization and oversight of our trade shows.   I was in India, Russia, Germany and Las Vegas – all within four weeks this year.  And, I loved it all. Well, maybe not that cancelled flight out of Delhi at 3:30 AM, but I digress.

Trade shows are critical activities in our integrated marketing communication strategy to build awareness of our company, bolster our brand initiatives and communicate our key messages.  For example, one of our core messages is our ability and willingness to help our customers solve their problems.

This key message is used in Europe, where we are acknowledged as a leader and our products are well-known, and also in the Middle East, where we are just introducing Celanese to the industry. We are the true new kid on the block (NKOB).   In China, we have built quite a presence in five short years using these same messages while formulating products customized for the region.  Celanese Emulsions is just starting out in Latin America and we hope to grow more in this exciting region soon.

On a personal note, I loved my first trip to Brazil last November.  Trade shows there are all about personal relationships and all about the food (I am all about the desserts!).  For example, people don’t just pick up a brochure and keep walking.  They stop, introduce themselves and their company and then we have a good, lengthy conversation about our products and how we could work together.  All the while, we have a very attentive wait staff delivering beverages and appetizers such as fruit plates, small meat and cheese pies.  All topped off by the best chocolate dessert – brigadeiro.  I even learned to how make it when I returned to Dallas and continued work on my next projects!  I am always busy, but I love it.