Clarifoil have just returned from the Walmart Sustainability Expo – an invite only event exclusively for suppliers and buyers of Walmart.  This is the 3rd year that Clarifoil have attended, having previously exhibited compostable envelopes and breathable donut boxes.  This year was the launch of Clarifoil’s thermoformed packaging in the form of sushi boxes.

Traditionally, PVC has been used for this type of packaging however, there is strong drive to eliminate this from the supply chain due to its contribution to landfill, difficulty to recycle and the fact it is not made from sustainable sources.   RPET (recycled PET) is becoming increasingly popular, however this product has a finite lifetime due to the limited number of times it can be recycled and RPET products still contain up to 50% virgin PET.

Clarifoil was proud to showcase its first examples of thermoformed packaging.  Not only is the raw material sourced from sustainably managed forests, the film can also be composted according to American and European standards (EN13432 and ASTM D6400), it is 100% biodegradable and FDA approved.  There was an overwhelming consensus in opinion among the visitors to our stand that this was far superior in both quality and clarity compared to other biodegradable materials such as PLA and even PET, the industry standard!

From a single enquiry, we realised the scale of the opportunity and developed a new film formulation, manufactured new film, made prototype packaging and exhibited the sushi boxes at one of the most influential retail packaging shows of the year.  And all this took just a few months!

Of course we are not limited to just food packaging. Clarifoil are also looking at other opportunities in the high end electronics and cosmetics markets.

In the packaging world, there is increasing enthusiasm to find alternative sustainable, recyclable and compostable materials.  With the success and interest generated from the Walmart show, Clarifoil film may be the solution!