Have you ever had a day where you are told how great you are? Or called a “Rock Star” no matter which direction you turned? How about receiving not just one or two notes of thanks and praise, but a handful of personal cards and letters with heartfelt notes of appreciation recognizing your phenomenal acts of kindness? That was my day at MC Lively Elementary School in Irving.

On behalf of Celanese, we gave 900 students school supply items, customized T-shirts and backpacks. Students could barely contain their excitement as Celanese volunteers paraded up and down hallways handing out backpacks with school supplies and T-shirts. Several students said that they would never be able to afford these types of necessary school items without the assistance of Celanese and its social engagement with the M.C. Lively school. Even before entering the school, we knew we were in for a special treat when the M.C. Lively message board welcomed Celanese. Inside the school, banners and handmade decorations celebrated Celanese and its commitment to helping students kickoff the 2012 school year. Teachers joined students in recognizing and thanking Celanese volunteers for the invaluable supplies and the ability to celebrate a spirit day using the new T-shirts later in the week.

We all have the opportunity to make a difference both at work and in our communities. This event proved that through the eyes of children, Celanese’s commitment to volunteerism and community investment will reap goodwill and foster a positive learning environment throughout the school year.