When Global Impact Week was first introduced last year, I remember thinking how great it was that Celanese would put so much into giving back to its communities.  I knew I had to participate, so I volunteered to help with one of the projects.  This year, our site leadership asked me to lead the effort at the Narrows, VA site and I eagerly accepted.

In planning for our service activities, I was privileged to meet lots of people throughout the community.  They came to me with their needs and we started laying out some plans. As time passed and Global Impact Week approached, I was concerned that we weren’t going to be able to do as much as we had hoped.  That’s when I learned a lesson about the people at Celanese.  They came out of the woodwork to help.  We had so many volunteers that we easily covered all the projects that we wanted.  They jumped right in and helped with the final preparations and all the projects went better than expected.  It became clear to me that selfless service to those around us is part of the Celanese DNA.

Our community was extremely grateful for the work that we did.  All of the elementary and middle schools in our area benefited greatly from our service.

One local school has two memorial gardens, one in memory of the teachers and another in memory of a student who died in an accident a few years ago.  With the students gone in the summer months, the gardens had been overrun with weeds and the bushes had become overgrown.  We replaced the bushes with new ones that won’t require so much care and cleaned up the garden areas.  We added a fresh layer of mulch and left the garden beautiful.  The principal and other faculty came out and thanked us over and over again for our help in restoring these gardens.

Lots of students all around the county benefited from the presentations that we gave on how math and science are used every day.  We received thank-you letters from students explaining how they wanted to become engineers and chemists because they see now that science is useful and fun.

I was so fortunate to have been asked to lead this effort at our plant.  It reminded me how generous our people are with their time and talents.  Most of all, it was rewarding to see how our efforts could bring so much happiness to the people we served.  Employees all over the site have come to me since with ideas for the next Global Impact Week.  It looks like they are as excited as I am to do it again.