“Corporate social responsibility” to me is giving something to the communities without expecting something in return … pretty much like Christmas.

For me Celanese is not just a great place to work, but also being a part of the communities where we work. We have four sites here in Germany employing approximately 1,500 people. A lot of people live close to where they work or have their kids in kindergartens and schools nearby.

The opportunity to get a day off work and do something good in a community project is something that is not really common here. That’s why I was more than surprised by how well the idea is spreading. Since we’ve implemented this CSR policy, nearly 300 people have taken days off work to volunteer in single projects, in projects with colleagues or during Celanese Global Impact Week.

We recently had a Christmas project that touched me so much that I wanted to write about it. I have been supporting the Celanese Connects initiative since the very beginning and I have seen more than 30 projects within the last year and a half. And now — maybe it‘s because it’s Christmas time or because I see how many people actually believe in it, or what an impact we make — that I have watery eyes when I watch this video.

Together with 14 other Celanese employees we took a huge Christmas tree and carried it to a kindergarten in our neighborhood. It was a five minute walk from the office. There we spent the entire day tinkering Christmas tree decorations with the kids and painting two garden houses. The head of the Kids and Youth Department of the city hall visited us during that day and said how great it is that Celanese is not just one of the companies around but a good neighbor who takes care of their community.

I want to thank all our colleagues around the world who want to be a good neighbor, who help those in need, who take responsibility and make this initiative work.

Many thanks to Dana Smith who is great leader of this initiative and to Denise Weber who organized this project!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Regards, Frenze Taut


I started working at Celanese in August of this year and I´m studying in a dual system in Frankfurt, Germany, which means that I’m working for three months at Celanese in Sulzbach and then studying at University for about three months.

My first step in the company is the Communications Department.

Before I started working at Celanese I did a lot of research because I wanted to know what stands behind the huge orange C ball logo. Of course I knew that it was a chemical company, but I wanted to know more about the company and the people working there. I was very curious about things to come.  While I was Googling I hit upon the Celanese Corporate Social Responsibility report. At first I had no idea what CSR meant. The more I was looking for information the more I realized that Celanese does a lot for the community to fulfill their community obligations.

And now I´m sitting in the “Kitchen of Ideas” for CSR.

Because I started working in October- just a few months before Christmas- I took over two pre-Christmas CSR projects.

I was absolutely surprised that I was so free in my decisions and that I was allowed to take so much responsibility and that my colleagues let me have so much free space.

Following up to a supra regional project — which includes the packing of shoe boxes with children toys, pencils, sketch blocks and other nice things — we packed 75 boxes. This is a very good result, when you see that we just started planning two weeks before the deadline of the project.

In the last days the packages piled up in our office and we began to get into the Christmas spirit. We will miss all the nice packages in our office and the lovely cries of our colleagues “Ooooooh, so many nice packages.”

The second project was the coordination and organization of the social day for the Procurement team. The idea was that the employees carry a tinker tree to the kindergarten “Pfiffikus” next to our office and decorate it by handcraft work.

Together with the children we built the tinker tree decorating and backed cookies.

It was so great to see my colleagues playing together with the children, hearing the laughs of the kids, their sweet voices singing, and to see the smiles on their faces: we were so proud of their work.

I´m still speechless. What a great day it was and how much fun we had playing with the children and seeing the children so thankfully for our efforts.

Enjoy the Video!

Regards, Denise