As we enter a new year, let’s take a look back at the top 10 most popular blogs of 2012. From community outreach to advice from our CEO, the blogs will give you a view of what it’s like here at Celanese.  Click title below to read.

1)  The Job Offer I’ve Been Waiting For: CEO For The Day
By: Susan Pradhan

 2) Is Losing My Office A Good Thing?
By: Ryan Morrison

3) China, Celanese And This Summer
4) Everyone’s Talking About Natural Gas
By: Mark Rohr

5) TCX ®: The Smart Ethanol Solution
By: Megan Davis

6) Bridging Communities And Cultures In 365 Days
By: Dana Smith

7) Celanese Leadership Program – The Summer Job Of A Lifetime
By: Mark Oberle

8) Our Students Are Going To Shine
By: Emilie Baxter (Guest Blogger)

9) Prioritizing Your Work-Lessons From The Navy Seals
By: Jay Townsend

10) The Future Is Even More Exciting
By: Steven Sterin