Celanese launched its Facebook page in 2012 to show the people and culture behind the leading chemical technology brand.  Considered official company communication, Celanese employees are encouraged to visit it and add news about their professional and community achievements. Those doing business with the company or interested in employment can find in it company insights that supplement business, trade and financial news.

Many times the information found in Facebook postings on the Celanese page can’t be found on the company intranet or website, and is exclusive to this social media channel. However don’t expect to find any financial or business announcements in these postings; those announcements will continue to be made through the newswires.

Not sure how to use this new site? Here are a few ideas to get started:

– Keep track of what’s being posted. “Like” the Celanese Facebook page so the postings appear on your news feed. Watch the social media feeds at the bottom of the new celanese.com site or access the Celanese Facebook page from your personal or company phone or computer.

– When you see a posting you like, support the individual or information with a comment or “Like.”

– Share posts to show your support or pride. Add an introduction or comment to make the connection for your Facebook Friends and help them understand why you like them.

Do you work at Celanese?

– Post a photo of your team or colleagues at a community project, trade show or other special event. Add a line or two describing where the photo was taken and naming the special event. No need to provide specific names, department names or the name of the site provides enough information.

– When a colleague is recognized by their community or industry, congratulate them via the Celanese Facebook site. Some people post links to the newspaper or trade magazine announcement.

Do you work with Celanesians? Or want to become one?

– If you’re meeting with someone within Celanese, look for recent posts from that site or department, or a company-wide initiative. Referring to what’s current may be a successful ice-breaker at your meeting.

– Wondering if Celanese is a fit for you? Look at the photos to see if we’re involved with programs that you would support. Read the comments. See how we talk with and about one another.  At the end of last year we posted a series of 2013 resolutions along with a list of those things people were most grateful for in 2012. Do they match with what’s important to you?

The Celanese Facebook site is an opportunity to share a glimpse of the talent, character and energy that resides within Celanese. Contribute, participate, and be part of story.