Five years ago I graduated from the university was determined to start a career in a fast-moving international enterprise with plenty of possibilities for personal development. This was exactly what I found at Celanese. And in my blog, I want to share the Top 6 reasons why I enjoy working for this global chemical company.

  1. The international environment
    Our headquarters is in Texas; however 73 percent of our sales are generated outside the US. I worked for Celanese in China and I enjoy being in regular contact with colleagues from Europe, Asia and US.
  1. Different businesses and customer industries
    Our portfolio comprises commodity and specialty chemicals. In the future, I could have the opportunity of working for a specialty business like Clarifoil or food ingredient business like Nutrinova.
  1. Experience in different functions
    I moved from a trainee position to Supply Chain and then to Raw Materials Procurement. Celanese regularly moves people to very different departments to help develop individual careers.
  1. Practical learning
    I enjoy attending Six Sigma courses and soft skill seminars, however, the general philosophy at Celanese is that people gain 70 percent of their experience by doing the real work.
  1. Steep learning curve
    Celanese is a achievement-oriented company. The tasks I get are indeed challenging, nevertheless, I enjoy being encouraged to be creative and learn as much as possible.

However, the number one reason why I enjoy working at Celanese is …

  1. The people.
    So far, I have worked in six different departments. Considering the teams, I would go back again to any of them, any day. I try to remind myself that everyone is responsible to create a positive working atmosphere, and I believe our new CEO, Mark Rohr, will promote a culture in which we identify ourselves with our company.