At Celanese, operating our manufacturing facilities to make a positive impact on our communities and the lives of those we work is core to our vision.

On April 23, Celanese was honored at the Association of International Chemical Manufactures (AICM) Responsible Care Ceremony in Beijing, China by receiving the Responsible Care Chairman Award.  Celanese won the Chairman award for its dedication and leadership in the area of safety, environmental protection and health to neighboring communities and the China Society.

Two weeks later, on the other side of the world in Miami, Florida, Celanese was honored at American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care Conference by winning numerous awards for safety, waste minimization and energy reduction.

The awards that Celanese won at the ACC responsible Care Conference include:

  • Employee of the Year Award – Winner  – Nocky Garza is the winner of this award for leading the I-Care initiative at the Bishop Plant.  A team of motivated Safety Change Agents used peer-to-peer collaboration to transform a safety vision into meaningful actions creating an injury free safety culture.
  • Initiative of the Year –  Finalist – KeepSAFE initiative –  This initiative was a finalist for the initiative of the year award. The KeepSafe initiative is a personal commitment to keep ourselves, our families and our communities safe – on and off the job.   “Safety is not a program. It is our culture.”
  • Energy Efficiency Award  – Finalist  – The Celanese Clear Lake Plant received this award for implementing a project to reduce the steam consumption.
  • Waste Minimization, Reuse and Recycling Award – Finalist – The Celanese Bay City Plant received this award for reuse of a waste stream.
  • Facility Safety Award – Winner – The Clear Lake, Bishop, Bay City, and Meredosia plants received this award based on outstanding safety performance.    

As a member of the ACC and AICM Responsible Care program, Celanese is an industry leader committed to continuously improving our manufacturing process and improving safety and environmental performance.

Josh Cheng (President Celanese China) received the AICM Responsible Care award in Beijing on behalf of Celanese.

Maggie Wang, Asia Product Stewardship Leader, commented about the award “I feel very proud to work in our Environmental, Health, and Safety group, the premier goal of which is to pursue sustainable improvement in health and safety of our employees, communities and the environment as a whole. We will continue to earn trust from our stakeholders and create customer value. Responsible Care is our commitment to an ethic – Do the Right Thing and be Seen to Do the Right Thing.”