We are transforming Celanese in big and small ways. In just a year’s time, we’ve made changes that allow us to naturally act as one team working toward the same goals with passion and purpose.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve accomplished:

  • Created and shared a common vision and mission, building to Vision 2016
  • Established global sales, technical and manufacturing organizations
  • Streamlined work processes
  • Communicated better
  • Reinforced the importance of employee development and social responsibility

And while we’re changing a lot, it’s important that we retain past strengths while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Recently we began looking at how we could make our brand stronger and more clear. Our brand is how we conduct business internally and externally. It should be an extension of our vision and mission and support delivery of our long-term objectives.

This brand review process started with a small team of global employees. I asked them to consider what the Celanese brand stands for. What do we do well today? What do we aspire to be?

I challenged this team to help us create a brand identity that feels like a good home. One that is completely consistent across the company, harmonious with our vision, reflects who we are and challenges us to be better.

I also set boundary conditions: our name won’t change, the logo will stay and our corporate color orange will remain.

Our brand efforts started with our newest sweetener solution – today known as Sunsation™. Through a process Diana Peninger will describe in an upcoming blog, the Nutrinova team has identified a new differentiated brand proposition that sets this solution apart from other sweeteners. This new brand will reflect the innovative nature of Celanese and help stake out a unique place in these markets. This brand will show how we continually innovate at Celanese and it becomes a foundation for a unique solution and approach. I can not wait to share the results of their work this summer when the brand is launched at IFT, the international food show. Great work by Nutrinova and Marketing Communications.

In 2013, we will introduce a stronger corporate identity. We will simplify our internal brand architecture and have a simple, direct way to say what we are here for and what customers can expect.

I’m confident this effect will bring a greater sense of energy and innovation to our messages and visual identity and help show Celanese as one company, from each production site to each office, all working together with the same goal: to help our customers and employees reach their fullest potential.

As this process unrolls, we will work to involve global employees and share our progress. I look forward to working together to make Celanese better every day. Please use the commenting section below and join in the conversation.