In my last blog, I shared what we learned about the importance of branding, even in a business-to-business environment, and discussed how we were developing a new brand for  our innovative new sweetener system.  But, I left the brand name secret.   Well, here it is: Qorus™ sweetener system.

Why Qorus?  As we developed this product, even we were surprised by the huge impact of allowing the right ingredients to work together versus the individual parts alone.  We had discovered a revolution in taste.  It was very much like a symphony or chorus of voices.

We could really see how it is like a symphony, where the strings work with the brass, woodwinds and percussion to create a harmonious piece of music.  In fact, this even turned into one of our key messages: Qorus enables perfect harmony in formulation, taste and experience.

Qorus gives developers the freedom to be creative in their process and to be innovative without taste challenges.  Qorus is the key to achieving the ‘authentic taste’ that all of the food and beverage manufacturers are seeking today. 

Qorus so accurately reflects the nature of this innovative product.  In addition to how the sweetener system works in the formulation, Qorus also reflects how the Celanese team works in concert with our customers to develop new products together, offering solutions to the opportunities they identify to grow their business. In fact, with Qorus in the forefront, we will be transitioning from the current Nutrinova name to the Celanese brand in the future.

Since I last wrote, many parts of the Qorus brand launch have taken place.  The first of our digital and print ads became public in June. We launched the website We sent out a news release recently.   And we added a beautiful banner to the homepage of announcing the brand and our upcoming participation at the IFT13 show in Chicago in a few weeks.  I look forward to meeting many of our current and prospective customers around the world to discuss this new brand.  We are also having a fun promo called “I Sing for Qorus” where attendees to IFT13 will have an opportunity to sing their favorite song and enter to win in a drawing.

My team and I are singing the praises of Qorus globally – we hope you will join us.