I am currently a work/study BA student and now in my second work phase for Celanese. The “two long nights,” in other words, the “Long Night of Industry” and the “Night of Science” were a very special part of it.

It all started on June 18 – first with the “Long Night of Industry.” At this event, industrial facilities open their doors to the public for one evening to present themselves to interested visitors.

Our tour included a visit to the Ticona Technical Center and the new POM plant. In addition to the guided plant tour, a tour of the Hoechst Industrial Park was also offered in celebration of 150 years of operations at the Hoechst Industrial Park.

The size alone of the Ticona plant impressed all visitors, who greatly enjoyed the very lively explanations. The evening’s absolute highlight was at dusk, when the group was allowed to climb one of the silos for a breathtaking view of the industrial park:

Once this very interesting evening was concluded, the next event was already lined up for the weekend: the Night of Science in Frankfurt.

On June 21, the Goethe University in Frankfurt hosted its Night of Science at the Riedberg Campus. The aim of this event is to bring scientific topics closer to a broad range of people and to generate an interest in science.

This year, Celanese participated in the Night of Science for the first time. Dr. Christian Meermann gave a presentation entitled “KUNSTstoff Polyethyls– from the Nobel prize to clean drinking water in India” (the German title involving a play on the German word Kunststoff, or polymer, which contains Kunst, or art, as a root).

After a brief introduction to Celanese and some details on the history of our GUR® ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) polymer product, many members of the audience also had lots of questions on the subject. The talk on clean drinking water in India followed the discussion. All listeners were very impressed by the subject.

True to the very idea of the “Night of Science,” the event ended at 5:30 a.m. I do have to say, however, that it was a great event with excellent presentations.

To sum up my experience, although the week was challenging work, it was incredibly fun, too. I look forward to more exciting experiences.