My name is Salvador Sanchez Valerio. I was born on January 20, 1950 in Ocotlán, Jalisco, Mexico. Ocotlán is a city located at the border of the Chapala Lake, the biggest lake in Mexico.  My family has been employed by Celanese for three generations. Here’s a brief story of my family as a member of the Celanese Mexico family.

First Generation:

Mr. Jesús Sanchez was born on July 27, 1911, in Concepcion de Buenos Aires, Jalisco, located in the top of the Sierra del Tigre where he used to work as a muleteer.

In 1945, a group of North American entrepreneurs purchased land that used to be a peanut field in Poncitlán with the purpose of building a chemical company called Celanese Mexicana.

My father was contracted during the second year of construction, and the company started up in 1947. In 1962, he got throat cancer but continued working for Celanese until 1976 when he  retired.

Pic 1 & 2. Jesús Sanchez and me, Salvador Sanchez, during my prom day and at home for Christmas.

Second Generation:

I was hired by Celanese on November 16, 1966 and worked as a maintenance programmer.

In 1974, I married and by 1977 on April 12my daughter Ericka was born – one of the happiest days of my life.

In 1982, I was sent to the Cangrejera site in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, to be part of the new plant startup. I was in charge of training the operators and supervisors at the newest Celanese Mexico plant. .

I spent the rest of my professional life in Maintenance operations covering almost all areas in the Ocotlán site.

Pic. 3  Me and my daughter, Ericka, during a visit to Celanese

Third Generation:

I used to take my daughter to Celanese events like the Christmas festivities called “Posadas,” but the thing she liked most was when I used to take her to visit the plant.

Ericka studied Chemical Engineering in college and was hired by Celanese as a process engineer for the Filament business to translate standard operating procedures from the Celanese Drummondville plant that was shutting down in the year 2000.

Several years later she married and gave birth to two children, Carlitos and Ana.

 Pic. 4 My daughter, Ericka Sanchez (seated in the center), at the Camex plant.

I wonder if there could be a fourth generation of Celanese in my family.