January 1989, I had recently graduated from college and moved back to my hometown unsure of my next steps.  I had a young family and needed to make decisions quickly.  I went in search of a job, l was determined, but was only interested in a short 6-12 month job. Something to pay the bills until I could decide what was next.

A friend introduced me to an HR manager with Hoechst Celanese. I convinced him to give me an interview.  That first job as a lab technician in the Bishop West Lab was tough; shift work, long commute, surely I would not last long.

A year passed, I began looking for other opportunities both within and outside of the company. I found my next job as a purchasing agent still with Hoechst Celanese.  I watched as Hoechst divested.  We were now Celanese!  What does this mean? How did it impact me? I kept thinking “Don’t worry; this is only a short term gig” I absorbed as much knowledge as possible, convinced I would need it when I left.

Wow, 10 years goes by fast. I am convinced and had been for several years that Celanese was the place for me to grow professionally. This was no short term gig, but rather a nice career.

I then move to IT for the opportunity to lead the implementation of an SAP module.  SAP’s footprint continued to grow and before long I was in Dallas working to consolidate the entire company onto a single SAP instance.  I learned the basics of how Celanese is structured and helped to simplify processes.

My role transformed from technical into a project management role and business relationship management. I now had the chance to help direct and manage the role of IT within Celanese.  I was able see our facilities and functions across the world.  I begin to appreciate how BIG the company was and how it operated on a much larger scale.

January will be 25 years, and I am still here.  My wife says I bleed Orange. Celanese has provided me with an amazing career and friendships around the world.  Much has changed since I first started, and I am grateful for all the opportunities. I am excited to be in my current role and wonder where it might lead next. Stay tuned!