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Month: October 2013

Celanese International Impact Program, Improving The World

Aligned, Empowered And Committed To Success 

When I signed up for the CIIP, I was looking for an adventure. I knew I was going to a place I had never been before – a place most tourists don’t go. I knew I was going to work with nine other Celanese employees that I didn’t know. I knew I was going to help someone else and make the world a little better.

About a month before we left, we were told which NGO (non-governmental organization, a.k.a. charity) we would be working with and what they wanted us to do.  Rick, Barry and I got a “Scope of Work” that was two paragraphs. It said Casa Betesda’s registration, inventory and donation systems were all on…

Celanese International Impact Program, Improving The World

A Garden Of Bounty In Brazil 

The excitement I had when I got the news that I was going to Brazil is hard to put in to words, but the feeling I had when actually landing in Brazil after a long and exhausting flight is even harder to describe.

It was a mixture of joy, nerves, excitement, amazement, but most of all ready to start!

I arrived on Friday morning and the rest of the team started to arrive one by one later that day. After being met by Rodrigo from CDS (the company that organized the CIIP project for Celanese) we had lunch in the mall close by and had a chance to finally get to know the people we have been…

Celanese International Impact Program, Improving The World

Train To The Future 

I wanted to be part of the CIIP as I wanted to help to make the world better through my efforts.  I spent 30 days in Uberlandia, Brazil, and left a piece of myself there.  I have gained much more than I have given and I wish to share my feelings about my experiences, although it’s difficult to do so.

Day 1: Looking at these smiling faces, 30 days later, this picture looks more like a big family photo.   In the coming 30 days: we would open our hearts and trust each other, we would help…

Creating Customer Value

Mumbai Milestones 

All roads seemed to lead to Mumbai, India recently. And not surprisingly, therefore, the streets were  overflowing with people. We were hosting several Celanese executives – Todd Elliot, Scott Richardson, Mark Oberle and Eddie Luen – who had joined us for a much-awaited customer appreciation event.

We finally got agreement for Thursday, Sept 19th – the day after “Ganesh Festival,” to hold the event. On this day, the always chaotic Mumbai traffic is further burdened with hundreds of people taking part in long street processions, for the final ‘elephant god’ idol immersion ceremony, chanting Ganapati Bappa Morya…

So yes, it got a bit crowded. As they say here in India, if you had thrown a stone, you would…

Celanese International Impact Program, Improving The World

All About The People: Celanese International Impact Program 

Looking back to one month in Brazil, it is easy to say what affected me most, namely all the people I met during this journey.

The smart, popular and funny CIIP Team – It was an honor for me to work and spend a lot of time with this wonderful group.  Celanese did a very good job in selecting awesome individuals to work together on a multicultural team. The diversity  of nationality, age, experience, habits, backgrounds, etc., was exciting, challenging and a lot of fun. I never felt bored or even alone during this month in a foreign country. I would have never imagined learning…