Over the past month, the Celanese International Impact Program (CIIP) team has shared their stories of their experiences in Uberlândia, Brazil working with local NGO’s to make an impact on the community. Now you can see for yourself the amazing results of their four weeks through this video and hear from the wonderful people working to support these non-profit organizations. Enjoy!

CIIP Team Blog Series Recap

Working Together To Make Lasting Change in Brazil by Brian Melton
Reflections Of Brazil by Rick Gregory
Making An Impact and Memories in Brazil by Joanne Yen
SOS Women and Family of Uberlândia: From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Alex Kennedy
DEUS É BOM PRA MIM by Barry Zhao
Aligned, Empowered and Committed to Success by Lizz Poole
All About The People: Celanese International Impact Program by Meike Roth
A Garden Of Bounty In Brazil by Kaspar Douwes
Train To The Future by Angela Geng
Ten Strangers in a Strange Land by Andrea Davis