Some time ago, Celanese put its global vision, mission and values into an amazing, visually appealing original painting.  This was adapted in the different geographic regions of Asia and Europe. Shortly after the painting was formulated, our Celanese Asia colleagues also painted a beautiful picture reflecting the company’s global vision, combined with its Asian culture.

As employees in the European region were tasked with leading the effort of creating the visual representation of our vision, mission and values, we found it difficult to come up with something that would represent Celanese’s ten different manufacturing sites in seven different countries. As an internal communications employee, it is important for me to reach employees as directly as possible. I want to incorporate their opinions and receive constructive feedback, too. So, we gave the matter some thought and spoke to people at the different facilities and sites. We wanted to find a way to adapt the original visual representation of the vision, mission and values, or implement it so that employees would have the feeling that it is their vision—a  vision they helped to create and that reflects them.

In Europe, each country has its own face, its own culture, even its own language. Our aim was to involve all European employees in the seven countries and reflect the Celanese vision for Europe – together. That’s how we got the idea of a “photo mosaic” which would be an image composed of 2,500 pictures displayed with many differences and details that nonetheless form a greater whole.

We had never done anything like this before, so, we appealed to all of our European employees to send us pictures for our photo mosaic. After some minor prodding, so many pictures started rolling in that at the end we even had to make some tough decisions.

It took almost six months to check, process and combine the hundreds of photos; however, I am pleased with the result. It’s true that it was a lot of work, but the employees who have already seen the mosaic are impressed. They have the feeling that they have jointly adapted the company’s vision, mission and values and have even found themselves in the pictures of colleagues or sites.

Thanks to all our European employees who individually contributed to the making of this photo mosaic. Please watch this video to become acquainted with the European photo mosaic of the Celanese vision, mission and values.

What do you think of our creation? Do these pictures reflect our values?